Rate Alert Market/Limit Order

Set a desired Rate

A market/Limit order enables you to be able to buy/sell currency at a set exchange rate of your choice, with the trade being booked when the rate is achieved. This will happen automatically the very second the market hits your desired level. You will also receive the trade confirmation ticket at that time.
Market/Limit Order is a great tool for when you are looking to achieve a rate in those times you are busy looking after your business.
Market / Limit orders run 24/7 to the market.

Rate Alert simply updates you by email or phone once the market has hit the exchange rate you wanted to be updated on.

FAQ: Market/Limit Order

Q: How long can I have a Market / Limit order open for?

A: You can have a Market / Limit order open for as short or as long as you like. When placing an order you will need to let your FX Account Manager know how long you would like your order to run.

Q: How many Market / Limit Orders can I have set up at the same time.

A: As many as you like. It is very common for clients to have many orders set at different market levels to hedge against currency fluctuations.


We will exchange the currency at competitive bank beating exchange rates, with products best fitted to your requirements.

Corporate Foreign Exchange

If you’re paying salaries, importing and exporting, or just moving money from one account to another. Processing payments can be made easy.

Private Client Transfers

If you’re buying a property or goods abroad, sending funds back to the UK, emigrating or just simply making a one-off payment, we understand the importance.

Multi-Currency Account 

Receive currency from your customers in to your own named collection account, using one account number for all currencies, in your own company or private name.

ProVision Currency Products

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Market / Limit Order

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